As long as your order isn’t in work you can contact our support and change your order.

As soon as we started to work on your order there can’t be anything changed about it.

You will get your delivery in as less packages as possible.

The duration for the delivery will depend on the products you ordered and on the location the products will be delivered. Should the delivery take longer as planned please contact our support that we can be sure there arent any mistakes in the delivery.

You are able to track the package in the E-Mail we sent you. There will be a link that opens a new site that will show you where your package is at the moment.


If one of your products is sold out we will send you an e-mail. At the moment we aren’t able to mark it on the website that our products are sold out. Be aware that you are just able to buy our products as long as they are avialable.

Please contact our support as soon as you realised that there are broken products sent to you.

It can be possible that it will take a while to send you the receipt. It is also possible that your receipt was put into your spam folder so please take a look there as well. If there are problems anyways please contact our support.

Please contact our support as soon as possible. We will give you a compinsation for sure.